Custody Battle

Custody battles can serve to be very difficult for the parties that are involved in it. There are a number of factors that are required to be considered in determining the parent or the guardian who has all the qualities of getting the custody of their child or children. This is something that is not very easy because it is the best interest of the children that is sought after. If this entire thing transforms into a Custody Battle, then it means that the guardian or the parents have not been able to reach any agreement regarding the possession of their child or children and it requires the involvement of the Court. This is one process that can become tricky. Emotions are very high and the process also involves loved ones. There exists no definite method that can be used for handling this matter because the situation of every individual involved is very different and there are even different reactions to proceedings. Some Do’s and Don’ts that you should keep in mind if you are caught up in Custody Battle have been provided below:

Custody Battle

Do not lose composure

This is a process that is completely heart-wrenching, but it is important for you to keep cool by staying calm and relaxing. It is always very easy to say, but it is tough to carry out things, but you can never jump, shout and scream when someone makes any allegation because then you will give off an impression that shows you will be taking good care of the kids in any situation that comes your way.

Do not resort to advertising your personal issues in the social networking websites

Be considerably private regarding the personal life that you have. You will never want your ex or the fiends of your ex to use information posted on social networking websites against you. Therefore you should always remain very careful about inappropriate pictures, the use of profane language, showing off the new relationship that you are into or blasting about the other parent or your ex on the websites. Be appropriate and show that you are a very mature adult.

Avoid being Disorganized

Sloppiness can be very problematic. You might fall in great problem if you do not possess proper documentation, proof of legal documents, evidence, pictures and receipts. These are items that can always work as key evidences and if in any ways you are not prepared with all these documents, you might fall into great trouble.

Do not lose the track of information that you possess

If you are giving a statement, you need to stick with your statement. You should never change your mind and should also not try to make any changes to the facts. You should be very consistent and if you are of the view that you might forget certain facts and figures, try keeping a log or a journal of what was uttered by you in the court or to your attorney.

Do not procrastinate

You should always provide the documents, evidences and paperwork asked by the court or your attorney in a prompt way. You must always try to fulfill in a timely way in order to avoid certain unforeseeable delays and also for demonstrating that the facts that you possess are in superb order.

Do not ever try to be mean

You should never be mean rather you should be nice. More bees stick to honey and therefore you should always be polite and cooperative with people who are involved in the case usually the law guardian, the court, the judge and the lawyer.

Do not fight

It is quite evident that you might be hurt or mad at what is said in the court, but you should never lose your cool and always try to be civil. You might disagree with the allegations that are made against you, but you have to show that you possess the ability of handling all the allegations calmly and out forward an explanation of the allegations when your turn arrives.

Do not ever be late

On the day of your court hearing, you should make sure that you arrive on time along with your attorney so that the judge does not go against you at this irresponsible behavior of yours.